Professor Caroline A Hartzell, Gettysburg College


Professor Caroline A Hartzell, Gettysburg College

Hosted by Dr Martin Ottmann, International Development

Visits May-June 2020 

Professor Hartzell is a world-leading expert on civil war termination and power-sharing settlements. She regularly publishes in high-impact journals in the field of Political Science and International Relations, such as International Organization, International Studies Quarterly, and World Politics. 

Caroline’s research focuses on the means by which civil wars are ended and the implications the terms of settlements have for the peace that follows and has explored the implications that power-sharing settlements have for the duration of the peace as well as for the nature of democracy in post-civil war states.  Current research interests include investigating the effects that power sharing has on women’s political rights following civil war and, more generally, on power relations among a variety of actors in post-conflict states.  Professor Hartzell is also currently involved in studies using survey research and conjoint experiments to analyze the effect that power-sharing settlements have on citizens' trust in government and citizens' support for inclusive civil war peace settlements. These studies have been supported by grants from the National Science Foundation and Folke Bernadotte Academy.

 If you would like to meet Caroline during her visit to Birmingham please email Sue Gilligan