IEL Annual Lectures

Until 2005 the Institute of European Law held an Annual Lecture. The series resumed in 2008.

2015 Annual Lecture

23 February 2015: Malcolm Harbour CBE, The EU Law Making Process - Engineering a Better Solution

2014 Annual Lecture

26 June 2014: Professor Patrick Birkinshaw (University of Hull), What have the Europeans done for us?

2013 Annual Lecture

25 November 2013: Profess Panos Koutrakos (City Law School), The European Union in the World: the limits of law and the constraints of politics

2012 Annual Lecture

27 June 2012, 2pm: Professor Alan Dashwood (University of Cambridge), Judicial Activism and Conferred Powers - Is the CJEU falling into bad habits?

2011 Annual Lecture

29 November 2010: Professor Stephen Weatherill (Somerville College, University of Oxford), The EU's Porous Trade Law

2010 Annual Lecture

20 November 2009: Professor Paul Craig (St. John's College, University of Oxford), EU Competence and Member State Autonomy: Causality, Consequence and Legitimacy

2009 Annual Lecture

01 December 2008: Professor Damian Chalmers (London School of Economics and Political Science), Judicial Dynamics and Legal Change Beyond Lisbon

2008 Annual Lecture

28 February 2008: Professor Piet Eeckhout, Director of the Centre for European Law, Professor of European Law at King’s College London and the College of Europe, Bruges,The Future of European Integration: the Reform Treaty of Lisbon and Beyond

2005 Annual Lecture (sponsored by S J Berwin)

21 February 2005: Sir David Edward and Sir Konrad Schiemann, “The future of the European Court of Justice”

2004 Annual Lecture

12 February 2004: Gisela Stuart MP, “Writing a Constitution for Europe – on balance I would rather have been in Philadelphia ”.

2003 Annual Lecture

21 March 2003: Hon. Mr Justice Elias, "Is a democratic deficit in the European Union inevitable?”

2002 Annual Lecture

25 January 2002: Judge Nicholas Forwood, Court of First Instance of the European Communities, "The European Court of Justice as an administrative law court" .

2001 Annual Lecture

26 February 2001: Sir Christopher Bellamy QC, President of the Competition Commission Appeal Tribunals, "The Role and Jurisdiction of the Competition Appeal Tribunals".