Dr Sarah Dimeloe

Birmingham Fellow | Institute of Immunology and Immunotherapy and Institute of Metabolism and Systems Research


Where were you previously located?

University of Basel, Switzerland. 

What attracted you to the University of Birmingham?

The University has key expertise and great capacity for research in both immunology and metabolism, which perfectly fits with my research interests, making it an ideal place to set up my independent research group. 

What are you hoping to accomplish while in Birmingham?

To extend my recent research on the metabolism of T cells, using the excellent facilities and expertise here, to gain deeper insight into molecular pathways regulating these processes in human disease and identify novel therapeutic targets.

What medical discovery are you hoping will be achieved in your lifetime? 

That we can build upon exciting new discoveries about the metabolism of immune cells, to develop new immune-based therapies for a range of diseases, from autoimmunity to cancer. 

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