Allied Research Activity

Primary Care Clinical Sciences at Birmingham was the top ranked centre for primary care research on quality volume in RAE 2008, with internationally ranked groups in cardiovascular disease and stroke, cancer epidemiology, and behavioural medicine.  

The Public Health, Epidemiology and Biostatistics Unit has a world-class programme of research much of much is allied to clinical trials. In particular, Birmingham is an international centre of excellence for diagnostic research. The research group led by Professor Jon Deeks focuses on the development and investigation of methods for evaluating medical tests in healthcare, including both primary and secondary research. The group provides methodological and statistical support for a number of clinical projects evaluating particular tests. The group incorporates the Cochrane Collaboration’s UK Support Unit for Diagnostic Test Accuracy Reviews

The Health Economics Unit has a research programme that includes projects allied to clinical trials. Such projects include the development, validation and evaluation of capability measures and the use of value of information.

The University hosts national facilities with research activity allied to clinical trials. The National Centre for Childhood Cancer Survivors assesses the long-term effects of trial interventions. The National Horizon Scanning Centre aims to provide advanced notice to the English Department of Health and national policy makers of selected key new and emerging health technologies.