Fellowship and Grants Academy Support

Fellowship and Grants Academy events run three times a year and are open to all. 

Please email mds.research.training@contacts.bham.ac.uk to find out more and to book onto any of the following events.

Nurture, Empower, Sustain, Triumph (NEST)

MDS new mentoring programme for all researchers

 The aims of the programme are:

    1. To provide impartial support in a positive, nurturing environment for mentor and mentee
    2. To promote taking charge of career development through a structured scheme
    3. To maximise chances of success in a set career goal (i.e. funding application, promotion)

 How the scheme will look:

Mentor: mentee pairings will be set up to model features of the Academy of Medical Sciences’ successful SUSTAIN developmental mentoring scheme. The scheme will have two cohorts per year starting in October and April, each will run over a 12-month period with the expectation of a minimum of six 1 to 1 sessions each lasting no longer than 90 min.

What are the benefits:

For mentor and mentee to share ideas, expand networks, improve interpersonal skills and gain confidence, enthusiasm and inspiration.

Next steps:

    • Mentor and mentee application forms will be available on request via email.
    • Networking event (supported by POD), for current and future mentors and mentees to discuss previous experiences, refresh training, to build a community of practice and to agree consistent mechanisms of approach and support.

Remote Read and Write

Work on your own writing, planning or literature discovery in a ‘virtual’ but supportive environment. With time to set targets at the beginning of the day and regular planned breaks to network with colleagues or take a break. Register to be invited to the remote networking sessions. Every Friday of the Month.

CV review

A thirty minute appointment with a senior academic to help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your CV and help with planning next steps.

Scientific writing workshop (PERCAT)

A half-day workshop delivered online in March and October by external training provider, Scriptoria, which focuses on developing scientific writing for papers and articles. Please email mds.research.training@contacts.bham.ac.uk to find out more and to book.

Proposal writing workshop

A one-day workshop delivered three times per year in March, June and October by external training provider, Scriptoria, which focuses on hand-on writing for grant and fellowship applications.” Please email mds.research.training@contacts.bham.ac.uk to find out more and to book.

Grant clinics

A personalised meeting with senior academics and methodological experts, which aims to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your application, and how it can be improved prior to submission.

Patient and Public Involvement workshops

A series of three workshops which cover: what is patient and public involvement?, how to conduct successful PPI and how to include PPI in your fellowship or grant application.

Interview Preparation Training

A tailored workshop delivered by external company VOX, which helps to improve interview techniques and boost confidence. Spaces are limited and those with interview dates prioritised.