Delegation of Duties

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Monday 11 April 2022 (13:00-14:15)

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Aims and objectives:

The course looks at the process for delegating duties in clinical research focusing on the site signature and delegation log.  The delegation and assignment of responsibilities will be considered from the Sponsor and Chief Investigator to all research staff.  The importance of using wet ink signatures for this process will be highlighted.

Target audience:

You will be researcher involved in clinical research being run at UoB, and you would like to gain a better understanding of the process for delegating in clinical research. (If you have attended this course in the last 2 years then you do not need to attend as the content has not changed).

Why this course:

This course will provide examples of delegating duties for clinical research.  Examples of site signature and delegation logs will be provided and attendees will have the opportunity to review these.  Discussions will be had about the correct completion of paperwork for delegating duties.


  • "Practical examples and the examples from other course members’ experiences."
  • "Good summary of importance of Delegation of Duties, and role of Sponsor, CI and site."

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