Working with Human Biomaterial in a UoB Laboratory

Via Zoom
Friday 6 November 2020 (10:00-11:30)

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Aims and Objectives:

This training session will provide:

  • An introduction to the Human Tissue Act
  • An overview of the UoB Clinical Research in the Laboratory Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) applicable to working with human biomaterial
  • Details of the required laboratory and sample management processes

Target Audience:

This training session is applicable to staff who are working on clinical studies which involve the handling, processing, receipt, storage and/or analysis of human tissue that is defined as ‘Relevant Material’ by the Human Tissue Act.

Why this course:

This training session will cover the content of the relevant SOPs in detail to provide researchers with the tools they need to work to the Human Tissue Standard in the laboratory.


  • "A really helpful and clearly presented session"
  • "The course is very well structured and helpful. In particular, I found it very well explained the meaning of relevant material, the law that regulates it and its full pathway: from consent to storage"

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