Introduction to sample management: Pro-Curo

Venue information will be provided to attendees one week prior to the training session
Wednesday 25 October 2023 (10:00-13:00)

For further information please contact CRCT

Aims and objectives:

This training session will help you to:

  1. Add users, storage areas and projects to Pro-Curo
  2. Configure storage areas and projects on Pro-Curo
  3. Add and move samples within the system to enable you to train other Pro-Curo users

Target audience:

You will be a researcher, or a member of professional services staff involved in clinical research projects (which uses and stores human tissue) or have oversight of the areas in which human tissue is stored.You would like to gain a better understanding of how to set up and use Pro-Curo for sample tracking or to provide oversight of sample storage. You would also like to know how to add and move samples within Pro-Curo and to be able to pass this training on to other members of staff.Please note this training course is only open to University of Birmingham Staff and Postgraduate Students.

Why this course?

The use of human tissue is essential to many research projects in the UoB portfolio. It is a regulatory requirement to be able to fully track the tissue samples used and stored for these projects. Using Pro-Curo can help meet this requirement.This course will provide an overview of how to implement and configure Pro-Curo for sample management and storage, as well as how to add and move samples within the system.


  • n/a – first time course has been run