PPIE Resources

Find guidance documents, policies and procedures here.

Principles and best practice

The following documents are a useful starting point to introduce Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE). They are also good to refer back to in terms of best practice.

For public contributors

For researchers

Roles and responsibilities

These guides are useful for both research teams and public contributors to understand the expectations of certain roles.

Payment information

We value the time and expertise of our public contributors. Here you can find out more about expenses and honorarium.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

The promotion of equality, diversity and inclusion is central to the mission and vision of the University of Birmingham.

We are committed to:

  • Creating an inclusive environment: developing a University community where everyone feels welcome, included and empowered to succeed
  • Dismantling barriers: addressing the structural barriers faced by groups within the University in order to create more equitable outcomes
  • Integrating equality, diversity and inclusion: issues and impacts are considered and addressed across our activities

The following resources may be helpful: