Resources & Networks


The Translational Research Team (TRT) has compiled a wide breadth of resources aimed at upskilling the UoB research community. Whether you are a Professor, or an ECR starting your academic career, we aim to provide you with important educational resources on all aspects of translational research. The team also provide essential resources for a successful translational journey, including professional project management of your funded translational grants.

Access to Expertise

Find out about our Experts in Residence and network of external advisers supporting innovation and translation.


The TRT is constantly developing networks across the University, partner hospitals and beyond to work collaboratively and share expertise to overcome common hurdles in translation and accelerate innovation in key therapeutic areas and modalities.

Discoveries and expertise from the University’s multidisciplinary research programmes – spanning bioengineering, physical, computing, social and life sciences, the last of which embraces a broad spectrum of biological, clinical, sport, applied and environmental sciences – can be rapidly translated into clinical and commercial benefit through a comprehensive translational infrastructure.

If you are interested in partnering with us in any key translational modalities or need help developing a translational strategy, please contact us.