Midlands Integrative Biosciences Training Partnership

Funded PhD Opportunities

PLEASE NOTE: There are TWO CASE projects that are still open to applications.

Deadline – June 14 2024.

Eligibility criteria can be found here.

Studentship projects currently available:  

CASE: How does Clostridium perfringens colonise the human intestine?

Dr Lucy Crouch

Apply now

CASE: Exploring the metabolic responses to consuming micellar casein isolate: implications for the management of obesity and type 2 diabetes

Dr Carl Hulston Apply now

Number of Studentships available: 

60 across MIBTP2020. 14 standard studentships at University of Birmingham. CASE studentships will be advertised shortly. Up to 30% of available places can be offered to Overseas students.

Stipend: UKRI standard rate (plus additional travel allowance in year 1 and a laptop).

The Midlands Integrative Biosciences Training Partnership 2020 (MIBTP2020) is a BBSRC-funded doctoral training partnership between the Universities of Warwick, Birmingham, Leicester, Aston and Harper Adams. It delivers innovative, world-class research training across the Life Sciences to boost the growing Bioeconomy across the UK. 

The projects fall under four MIBTP2020 themes:

Students from a wide diversity of academic backgrounds are encouraged to apply. All accepted students will participate in mandatory training in their first year. MIBTP2020 welcomes those with creative drive in both theoretical (maths, physics or computer science) and experimental (biology, biomedicine, chemistry, or biotechnology) research.

You are required to choose a project and supervisor at the time of application, so that we ensure recruitment into all topic areas. However, PhD projects need not be finalised until the first training year is completed and you have had the chance to experience different research environments. 

For entry in October 2024 the following Birmingham studentship routes are offered:

Standard Studentship - Students undertake an initial 10 weeks of training in the methods of modern integrative bioscience, followed by two 12-week mini-research projects and one 12-week professional placement. For Further details see: PhD training.

CASE Studentship - Students undertake an initial 10 weeks of training in the methods of modern integrative bioscience, followed by one 12-week mini-research project before starting their PhD. During their PhD, students will undertake an industrial placement with an industry partner for between 3-18 months, during this time the student will gain experience of industrial research, but also receive business-related training, for example, in project-management, business strategy and/or finance. For Further details see: PhD training.

To apply

  • When applying, include your chosen supervisor’s name in the ‘Research Details’ tab.
  • On the ‘funding information’ tab, choose ‘University of Birmingham advertised scholarship’ and ‘BBSRC Midlands Integrative Biosciences Training Partnership (MIBTP) DTP.
  • You may apply to up to five programmes, if you are interested in projects in different fields. For example, you may apply to both ‘PhD Biosciences FT (MIBTP)’ and ‘PhD Psychology FT (MIBTP)’. You may only apply to each programme once.
  • After applying, please complete the MIBTP2020 application notification proforma so MIBTP has a complete record of those applying. Failure to do so may result in your application not being considered.

Do not:

  • Try to submit more than one application to each programme. Only one application per programme can be made.
  • Submit an application without choosing a supervisor. You may change your supervisor or project after the training year, but you must indicate a preference while applying.
  • Try to apply to the general PhD programme found on the University of Birmingham website (i.e. PhD Biosciences FT). All MIBTP applications must come through the route mentioned above. Any application for MIBTP received under the general (non-MIBTP) programme code will be automatically rejected.