Ornithology Journal Editing at the Centre for Ornithology

Editorial work on two leading Ornithology journals is carried out by members of the Centre.

Ibis is the flagship publication of the British Ornithologists' Union and is the number one ranking ornithological publication in the world. Dr Jim Reynolds serves on its Editorial Board covering mainly submissions concerned with avian reproductive biology. Ibis publishes original papers, reviews and short communications reflecting the forefront of research activity in ornithological science, but with special emphasis on the conservation, ecology, ethology and systematics of birds.

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Bird Study is the main scientific publication of the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) and was formerly edited from the Centre for Ornithology by Professor Graham Martin. Bird Study is an international journal of pure and applied ornithology. Its aim is to publish high quality papers relevant to the BTO’s sphere of interest; broadly defined as field ornithology and research, especially that which relates to evidence-based bird conservation. Research that investigates patterns of distribution and abundance, movements, habitat preferences, developing field census methods, ringing and other techniques for marking and tracking individual birds, are especially welcome.

Bird Study gives preference to papers based primarily on research on birds that occur in the Western Palaearctic. However, we welcome papers from any part of the world that are of general interest to field ornithology, including occasional scientific reviews. Bird Study publishes Forum articles, covering general ornithological issues, including non-scientific ones, and Feedback articles, that make scientific criticisms of papers published recently in the Journal. It also publishes critical book reviews.

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