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Studying metabolism in human health, disease and toxicology to benefit the UK and global population. PCB Transp 

Phenome Centre Birmingham offers a complete collaborative service to academic, industry, and government partners, providing expertise and advice in metabolic phenotyping studies from conception and experimental design through data acquisition to data analysis and biological interpretation.

We operate as a collaborative partner, coupling our expertise in metabolomics with your clinical and biological expertise to ensure a successful completion of your project.

Phenome Centre Birmingham conducts metabolic phenotyping studies with the following objectives:

  • To understand molecular mechanisms associated with human ageing, disease onset and progression  
  • To identify molecular targets for nutritional, exercise or drug interventions
  • To identify metabolic biomarkers for stratification of the human population to be applied in risk stratification of developing a specific disease, in diagnosis of a disease, in defining progression or remission from a disease, and in the identification of responders and non-responders to nutritional, exercise or drug interventions
  • To understand molecular mechanisms and identify metabolic markers associated with human toxicology

Introduction to NMR Spectroscopy at Phenome Centre Birmingham

Introduction to Mass Spectrometry at Phenome Centre Birmingham


Professor Mark Viant, Executive Director of the Phenome Center Birmingham talks about the aims of the global phenome network and the state-of-the art nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy instrumentation the center uses to help realise these goals.

Professor Mark Viant and Dr Rick Dunn of Phenome Centre Birmingham discuss metabolic phenotyping applied to medical research and the development of stratified medicine.

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