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Professor Mark Viant

Executive Director
Professor of Metabolomics

Professor Mark Viant's expertise lies in the application of metabolomics to human and environmental toxicology. A major focus of his efforts is to translate metabolomics into chemical safety science and regulatory toxicology. He also has a long-standing and active interest in developing analytical and computational methods in metabolomics, with a particular focus on high resolution direct infusion mass spectrometry. Mark leads our services for toxicological metabolomics.

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Mark Viant

Dr Christian Ludwig

Director of NMR Spectroscopy
Senior Lecturer in Metabolic Biophysics


Dr Christian Ludwig's research is focused on the development of novel experimental and analytical approaches to map metabolic pathway activities without necessarily assuming a particular metabolism model for a given cell type. Dr Ludwig's approach is based on Combined Analysis of NMR and MS Spectra (CANMS), leading to synergies which allow for the accurate identification of isotopomer distributions from key metabolites that can then be used as input for guiding metabolism simulation. He is also author of the python based open-source software package MetaboLabPy for NMR data processing and analysis ( Christian leads our services for NMR spectroscopy metabolomics.

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Dr Ralf Weber

Director of Bioinformatics

Dr Ralf Weber's research  interests include the development and application of data processing, biostatistics and data mining tools to facilitate biochemical annotation and interpretation of clinical and toxicological metabolomics data. Ralf leads our services for data processing and data analysis.

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Ralf Weber 2


Mr David Epps

Business Manager

David is a Business Manager working alongside the scientific team providing strategic facility management. David supports with project workflows, operations, and overall financial management, and is responsible for ensuring a high-quality customer experience for Phenome Centre Birmingham clients.

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Dr Andy Southam

Experimental Officer in Untargeted Metabolomics & Lipidomics

Dr Andy Southam pioneered the development of the direct infusion mass spectrometry spectral-stitching method as part of his PhD at the University of Birmingham (awarded in 2009). During this time he developed an interest in applying untargeted metabolomics to understand liver cancer metabolism and continued this research as a post-doctoral research fellow in Professor Chris Bunce’s research group. Andy joined the Phenome Centre as an Experimental Officer in Metabolomics and Lipidomics in 2017. 

Andy Southam

Dr Donna O'Neil

Analyst in Targeted Metabolomics

Dr O’Neil obtained her PhD at the University of Birmingham applying proteomics to identify biomarkers for the detection of colorectal cancer. She worked in the Institute for Cancer Studies and the Centre for Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism for 8 years, applying targeted MS/MS to analyse steroid hormones in serum and urine. Donna joined PCB in January 2016 as an Analyst in Targeted Metabolomics.

Donna O'Neil



Data Processing & Biostatistics

Dr Gavin Lloyd

Experimental Officer in Biostatistics

Dr Gavin Lloyd obtained his PhD in 2009 at the University of Bristol, on the development of chemometrics and pattern recognition techniques for multivariate datasets. Following his PhD, he worked at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital developing chemometric routines to process vibrational spectroscopy data in cancer diagnostics. Gavin joined the PCB team in 2017 as an Experimental Officer in Biostatistics.

Gavin Lloyd


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