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Project Information Form

  • Project Information Form
    Please complete this form for any potential PCB project. Upon clicking 'Submit', the form will be sent to the Operations team to be circulated around PCB management for project approval and subsequently logged in PCB administration systems.
  • If you are looking to submit a new method development project, please use the Development Information Form (DIF): www.birmingham.ac.uk/DIF
  • Identifier and PCB Lead
  • Customer / Funder
  • Sample Information
  • Sample Type(s)
  • Biofluid
  • Tissue
  • Cells
  • Sample Preparation
  • Preparation method
  • Preparation method
  • Risk / Hazard Assessment
  • Are there any specific chemical risks associated with the samples
  • Are there any specific biological hazards with the samples
  • Does ethical approval exist for these samples
  • Assay Information
  • Expected Assays
  • Data Processing and Statistical Analysis
  • Xenobiotic data analysis?
  • Reporting of study findings
  • Will the study need to be reported using the relevant fields of the OECD MRF?
  • Day Access
    Information is only required if project requires resources outside of standard per assay cost - please answer the below query.
  • Is Day Access required?
  • Finance
  • Logistics
  • Project Type
  • Is a UoB scientist a PI or Co-I on the grant proposal for this project?
  • Is there intention for either the customer or UoB to publish the findings of this project within 12 months of completion?
  • Does UoB have the right to use this project in a REF impact case?
  • Any Additional Information