Resilience to Disturbance

Research looks at the natural and human response to a range of disturbances including fracking activities for shale gas, pollution events, wildfire, floods and droughts.

Examples of research

Hydroecological functioning of peatland environments and their response to wildfire

Quantifying the vulnerability of boreal peatlands to a changing wildfire regime.

View our Journal of Geophysical Research paper on this area

The summer after the floods

A real-time examination of the social, economic and environmental dimensions of flood recovery and resilience.

For more information see the The Summer After the Floods project pages

Catchment response to water abstraction

In water management it is of crucial importance to quantify how much of a severe water deficit is caused by a rainfall anomaly and how much by anthropogenic influence, such as groundwater abstraction.

View our Water Resources Research Journal paper on this area

Groundwater and ‘fracking’

Quantifying groundwater response before, during and after hydraulic fracturing has taken place.

View the British Geological Survey's press release on this research

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