Clinical Psychology

We work across a range of organisations, and our diverse research interests are often connected to applied and professional concerns. We work with a range of difficulties and situations, across the lifespan, and in a range of settings – and our research interests reflect this. 

As a research group, we collaborate a great deal – with one another, and with a range of individuals, groups, and organisations outside of the University. Collectively, we conduct research which aims to improve and extend our understanding of psychological phenomena across five main areas:

Experience and behaviour

Experience, behaviour, cognition, emotion, attribution, insight, effort, beliefs, appraisal, strategies, meaning, perception, attitudes, denial, avoidance, awareness, remembering, motivation, transgression.

The person-In-Context

Culture, systems, institutions, organisations, families, relationships, gender & sexuality, attachment, social support, stigma.


Change, adaptation, adjustment, development, learning, natural change, lifespan, growth.

Illness, health and wellbeing

Stress, life events, problems (e.g. addiction, psychosis), trauma, disease/ pathology (e.g. diabetes, coeliacs, genetic disorders), deficits, pain, distress, diagnosis, disorder; coping, resilience, self-care, wellbeing, risk.

Assessment and interventions

Engagement, formal support, help-seeking, adherence/ compliance, assessment, formulation, developing/adapting therapies, therapeutic process, therapeutic outcomes; perspectives from staff, caregivers, clients.