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We offer exciting career opportunities for keen, enthusiastic scientists at all career stages interested in molecular cell biology, from RNA biology, to cell signaling, neurobiology and cancer, in health and disease.

A2aR-SMALPWe are thirteen research groups, comprising as well as the Principal Investigators – Lecturing Staff and Research Fellows - post-doctoral fellows, PhD and Master students, technicians and rotating undergraduate and summer students. Cutting edge facilities for genomics, proteomics and imaging enable research. There are a variety of ways to seek posts - from university funded, to fellowships and scholarships - and we strongly encourage initial informal approaches to explore the options. Visit our research webpages to identify research affinities. For informal discussions, contact the relevant Principal Investigators, and the Theme Lead, Dr Yun Fan (

If you are aiming to establish your line of research as a young group leader, we offer Birmingham Fellowships, and you can also seek funding from Career Development Fellowships. At post-doctoral level, we have an excellent track record in attracting fellowships from external agencies, and grant-funded posts are regularly advertised. If you are interested in carrying out a PhD, we have a very international and lively community of PhD students. PhD degrees can be funded from a variety of studentships, depending on your nationality. We also have a wide variety of Master programmes on offer. And if you don’t yet have a degree, but are interested in undergraduate study in cell biology, we offer a range of BSc degrees that might be for you. Contact us also for undergraduate lab summer projects, which can also be funded from several agencies.

We very much look forward to hearing form you and welcoming you to our research community!