The Health Economics Unit (HEU) is one of the main health economics centres in the UK and provides the largest grouping of health economists within the Midlands area. 

 The Unit’s large and robust programme of rigorously-conducted methodological and applied research combined with unique research strengths in economic analysis  where a substantial proportion of costs and/or benefits are perceived to fall outside the health sector and on interventions where context may have a particularly strong effect, differentiates its expertise and research direction from the other main health economic centres in the UK. Further, the research conducted contributes hugely to the NHS, Local Authorities, and NIHR at both national and local levels. 

HEU has an extensive teaching and learning programme aimed at building health economics research capacity and providing skills for people working in the health sector. Our activity in this area incorporates a PhD programme, postgraduate study opportunities at MSc / Diploma level, undergraduate teaching for trainee doctors and economics students, and continuing professional development courses and workshops.