Modelling for Health Economics

Group lead: Pelham Barton

This research group is formed around one of the two methodological programmes within the Health Economics Unit.

The research programme arises from concerns about the modelling methods sometimes applied within health economics and a recognition of the importance of observing and developing good practice. The overall aim of the programme is to improve the performance and presentation of the results of model-based analysis for decision making, by continued development and dissemination of aspects of good practice.

The programme has two main research areas:

1. Issues to do with uncertainty, including: a) Uncertainty in model construction; b) Representing uncertainty in model results

2. Technical methods of modelling to improve accuracy and/or efficiency of model running, including: a) Methods from numerical analysis; b) Methods for dealing with large decision spaces

Research group members

Pelham Barton
Peter Auguste
Orla Caffrey
Sue Jowett
Cristina Penaloza
Tracy Roberts