Introduction to PROs


What are Patient-Reported Outcomes?

Patient-reported outcomes (PROs), such as health-related quality of life (HRQOL), symptoms or health status, are reported directly by the patient and provide a systematic way of measuring patients’ views about the impact of disease and treatment on their health and well-being.

Why are PROs important?

PRO data are important in providing the patient's perspective on their own health; this information is valued by patients, healthcare professionals and researchers. PROs have huge potential for use within healthcare.

At an individual level they may inform patient choice regarding treatment; facilitate cooperation between healthcare teams to provide tailored individual care; and identify those most in need of intervention.

At a macro-level PRO data may be used: for audit and quality assurance, to provide long term safety and effectiveness data for treatments, in pay-for-performance initiatives, in prognostic modeling and to inform health-policy.

Why are PROs Important? Patient-centred care, Shared-decision making, Clinical guidelines, Health policy, Service delivery. Making Patient-Centred Care a Reality