Capacity Building

group of people around a table at a meeting

Capacity Building is a transversal theme throughout this grant. Capacity building for the RIGHT Call project interfaces with that of our Equi-Injury Global Health Group grant in which Rwandan institutions (UGHE, UoR, MoH, and RBC) are partners. There is, additionally, specific capacity building to meet the needs of the RIGHT Call project investigators, which is distinct from that of Equi-Injury.

Learning is didactic – via tutorials led by relevant PIs or Co-Is, course based - via online modules provided free of charge by UoB or other partner institutes, and experiential via execution of the study.

There are 2 postdoctoral research fellows, 2 PhD students, 4 research assistants, and 2 project manager roles, each will be mentored to develop their identified necessary skills. In addition, an educational program will be available to staff at all institutes involved in the project.

Lead Researchers