Therapies for Long COVID (TLC) Feasibility Trial

The TLC Study | Therapies for Long COVIDWe are interested in how we can better support people with Long COVID to manage their daily activities. In our previous co-production study, we identified “pacing” as being a way to manage their lives with Long COVID. Therefore, we want to understand if “pacing” is helpful for people with Long COVID. Before we do a large trial, we first need to do a smaller study to see if the study design is practical and if people with Long COVID find pacing acceptable and helpful.   

What is pacing? 

Pacing is a way to balance rest and activities in your daily life to manage your symptoms. It is a way to learn how to use your energy and spreading it over a period of time so that you will have enough energy to do the things that are important to you. 

What is the purpose of this study? 

Some people who have had COVID-19 develop longer-lasting symptoms, known as Long COVID. One of the main difficulties faced by people who have Long COVID is managing their condition in everyday life. Pacing may be a helpful strategy to manage daily activities. 

There are different types of pacing resources that have been developed for Long COVID and other long-term conditions. However, these resources have not been tested in a research study. 

We would like to test some of these pacing resources to see whether they are acceptable for people with Long COVID. We also want to know if it is feasible to collect information on Long COVID symptoms remotely through electronic questionnaire

You can find more information on how to take part, email us at