Yi Miao

PhD Student in Computer Science

Yi Miao_25cm

What is your research background and current field of research?

I’m a loyal computer science researcher since my undergraduate. After I achieved my Masters in the subject of High Performance Computing at Edinburgh, I soon find this subject is so interesting, that I choose to pursue a PhD in this area. More precisely, I’m looking for saving programmers from learning more things. Many untraditional hardware such as GPU and FPGA emerge and show their power. But users need to put in much effort to efficiently utilize these hardware, thus blocking their broad application. I plan to automize the whole process via compilation, the connector between hardware and software in computer system. I’m recently focusing on the domain of computer vision, trying to optimize these computer vision artifacts to run faster on more powerful hardware.

Which BEAR Services have been most helpful to you in your research?

To be honest, BEAR, the embodiment of the concept of High Performance Computing is not HELPING my research, but IS my research. All its services are of interest to me. Me joining as a BEAR champion is kind of like a chef coming to your tableside and asking you “Do you enjoy this meal?” and then being able to do some improvements based on your feedback.

How widespread do you think BEAR Services are known in your School and how do you plan to spread the word?

My school is that of computer science. A lot of colleagues in my school use BlueBear and Baskerville every day to train their network. But in rare occasions they use other services, and sincerely, not many of them know how to use supercomputer efficiently. I think we can hold a series of BEAR using techs lessons to promote BEAR.

How can researchers in your school/college contact you?

My email is yxm296@student.bham.ac.ukMy office is at UG40 school of computer science. I prefer working in the office, so you can always find me there.