BEAR Champions

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What is a BEAR Champion?

We recently launched an exciting new initiative to help spread the word about BEAR Services. The aim of the BEAR Champions is that they provide a contact within their School/Institute to spread the word about the Advanced Computing facilities and training that are available to researchers. We still find a number of researchers are unaware of our services and as our BEAR Champions have been using them to benefit their own research, they are able to explain the advantages to fellow researchers in their area in a domain-specific way, so that they too can benefit.

Who are our BEAR Champions?

Please see our list of BEAR Champions.

How can I become a BEAR Champion?

If you are interested in becoming a BEAR Champion you can contact us at to find out more or see our blog post for more information on who can become a BEAR Champion, what will be expected of you and most importantly, what are the benefits of being a BEAR Champion.