BEAR Cloud VM sizing

We use colours to denote the different sizes of Linux virtual machines that are available within BEAR Cloud. The following table outlines the sizes that are available:


BEARCloud.purple:      70 vCPU, 480GB GB RAM

 Red      18 vCPU, 112 GB RAM

 Orange  8 vCPU, 56 GB RAM


BEARCloud.yellow:   4 vCPU, 28 GB RAM

 Green     2 vCPU, 14 GB RAM

These offerings have been devised to ensure both manageability and efficiency of the available compute resource. Please give thought to your requirements and try to avoid over-stating them. As part of any request for BEAR Cloud facilities, we'll always do a technical review of what you are asking for and we'll want to know about your workload - this is so we can ensure BEAR Cloud is the correct offering for you.

Advanced Research Computing regularly review virtual machine usage and will contact you to alter the size of a virtual machine if appropriate.