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To support the University’s ‘Research Data Management Policy’, Advanced Research Computing (ARC) operates both the BEAR Archive and the BEAR Research Data Store (RDS). The former is designed to retain valuable research data that is currently not needed for an active project whereas the latter is designed to provide cost effective, secure and fast working storage for active research projects. Central provision ensures the benefits of scale (with petabyte solutions) and concentrated expertise are available to research groups of all sizes. Default allocations of storage are available for all research projects. Projects requiring more than the default allocation should make provision to cover costs within the grant application. 

For more background on storage services for research data visit the BEAR Storage and Archive pages.

We have created a guidance document to help you include information about storage in your Data Management Plans. The document can be access via DOCX, 33KB or PDF, 143KB

The service does not offer encryption e.g. for non-anonymised or sensitive data, therefore where the research data management plan (DMP) demands it, financial provision should be made in grant applications for encryption software, noting that data must be encrypted at the client user device. Local college IT teams should be able to provide guidance on this. Note also that any new encryption solution offered centrally will only be accessible to qualifying user devices. This is essential to ensure ‘end to end’ security. For more guidance on storing sensitive data on BEAR storage, see our sensitive data webpage.

The RDS and BEAR Archive are funded by the University centrally through ‘Indirect Costs’ to deliver a standard level of service to all research projects. Projects with large data requirements (as defined below) should make specific provision within the grant application for their exceptional needs.

Support for the archiving of data associated with publications (‘open data’) and other accessible research data (‘open research’) is provided by the Library Services who manage UBIRA (the University of Birmingham’s Institutional Research Archive) and its eData repository which makes provision for these data where no suitable subject specific repository is available. (This is separate from the BEAR Archive which is for long term retention of other data.)

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