Members of the Research Computing Management Committee

The Remit of the Group allows for 11 academic members; ideally there should be at least 2 members from each College. Volunteers are being sought to fill vacancies. The membership as of the 26th January 2024 is listed below.

BEAR Management Group
Chair Prof Andrew Morris, EPS, Metallurgy and Materials Chair and Sulis Tier 2 Lead
College Reps Dr Devon Barrow, Business School College Rep CoSS
  Prof Andrew Beggs, Cancer and Genomic Sciences College Rep MDS
  Prof Henry Chapman, Archaeology College Rep CAL
  Dr Meurig Gallagher, Maths College Rep EPS
  Dr Dietmar Heinke, Psychology College Rep LES
  Dr Hassan Hemida, Civil Engineering College Rep EPS
  Dr Liza Jabbour, Economics College Rep CoSS
  Prof Gregor Leckebusch, GEES College Rep LES
Tier 2 Prof Alessandro Mottura, EPS, Metallurgy and Materials Sulis Rep

Dr Kit Windows-Yule

ARC  Dr Andrew (Ed) Edmondson, IT Services ARC Rep
  Carol Sandys, IT Services ARC Rep
  Dr Stephanie Thompson, IT Services ARC Rep
  Jon Wakelin, IT Services ARC Rep
  Debbie Carter, IT Services ARC (Secretary)