Investigators Section 

This section of the web site is for investigators who are participating in the PRE-EMPT Study. Here you will find details and links to the PRE-EMPT questionnaires and forms.  If you are not an investigator already participating in the trial and would like further information in how to get involved then please contact the trials office, details can be found in the contacts page.

Inclusion - Exclusion Criteria

To all investigators please note that the trial design has changed.

Women will be asked to allow themselves to be randomly assigned to either treatment group the coil/the injection or the pill.

The patient will be asked whether they have any opinion on how they would like to receive their Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) either coil or injection.

If the patient has no particular choice of coil / injection the computer can randomly allocate a treatment for you.

However, the patient must be happy to receive a 50/50 chance of either coil/injection or pill.

The random allocation of treatment is the best way to test the effectiveness of the treatments. This allows researchers to know that any differences seen between the rates of pain recurrence between women are due to the treatment and not due to other factors.

We require all centres to be recruiting a minimum of 1-2 patients per month in order to reach to our target.



If you require a patient Information Sheet or original Consent form or any other documentation then please contact the trials office, details can be found on the contacts page.