Forests as communities, forests in communities

Forests as communities, forests in communities

19th and 20th June 2024 online or at the Alan Walters Building, University of Birmingham, Edgbaston Campus, Birmingham, UK. Tickets are free but we are limited to 100 'in person' tickets so book soon! 

Forests are composed of, driven and used by, as well as celebrated by, communities. In other words, forests are communities. From the underground microbial communities, to the flora and fauna of the canopy, forests are shaped by every organism within the ecosystem. Today's forest communities face a range of challenges, not limited to global climate trends, disease outbreaks, invasive species, and habitat destruction. While some forest systems are breaking under these pressures, we also see how others show remarkable resilience against new challenges. With ever-increasing knowledge of the importance of forests for global ecosystem health, we are seeing increasing communication within human communities to protect and celebrate our forests. This conference aims to convene experts across a range of disciplines to share current research about the communities of, communities supporting, and communities supported by, global forests.  

We have a packed 2 days of talks.  The 19th June includes a public lecture at 4pm and an early evening poster reception 17:30 - 19:00. 


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