BIFoR in a Box

What is BIFoR in a Box? 

BIFoR in a box is a free STEM kit for schools that contains everything you need to bring BIFoR to a classroom near you!

Curriculum linked lesson resources have been developed to encourage pupils to create and install a DIY Dendrometer, collect data and discover more about the BIFoR FACE experiment. 

Using materials from the kit, pupils can join a growing number of citizen scientists across the UK and beyond!

Watch the clip to unpack the kit and find out what BIFoR in a Box is all about. 

How can you get involved? 

ri-3.svg Register your interest: complete the form to register your school's interest

Discover the activities: follow the BIFoR in a Box activities link to discover a set of free curriculum linked lesson resources to bring the carbon cycle and the water cycle to life in your classroom. 


Submit Your Readings: complete the DIY Dendrometer Data form to submit your readings and join the growing community of citizen scientists.

ed-3.svg Explore the Data: follow the Citizen Science link to explore and download the data set.

Follow #BIFoRBox: Sign up to our newsletter and follow @BIFoRUoB