Events for the public

Brain Awareness Week 2022

Celebrating international Brain Awareness Week – raising awareness on brain research, brain disease and health – together with the Schools of Biosciences, Psychology and Medical School.

“Looking into the brain of a fly”

  • Saturday 19 March 2022 at The MAC (Midlands Art Centre), Birmingham
  • Sunday 20 March 2022 at The ThinkTank Science Museum, Birmingham



Why Fruit-flies?

For more videos on our research, please visit our YouTube channel.

The 3D-Printed Fruit-fly

We all learn more easily when we can hold, touch, feel, break apart and put together again an object. We have made a 3D-Printed Fruit-fly and a 3D-Printed Drosophila brain.

You can get and download the files to print yourself here, or you can order from us a full-printed, assembled and painted fruit-fly or fruit-fly brain.

You can also get post-cards, images and posters on the 3DPrinted Fruit-fly, 3D-Anatomy of the Fruit-fly, the Fruit-fly brain here.


For more, visit the Hidalgo 3-D printed Fruit-Fly site.