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Located in Selly Oak, Birmingham Health Innovation Campus (BHIC) is set to become a world leading healthcare technologies hub.

The first phase of the development, No.1 BHIC, which is due to open in 2024, will harness  world-leading academic and clinicalbruntwood logo strengths while bringing new commercial power to the region to accelerate life sciences research, taking innovative new healthcare treatments and technologies from early development to real life application.

Working in partnership with Bruntwood SciTech, Birmingham Health Partners and GBS LEP, the campus will offer the full circle of translational medicine, from drug development to real world studies, to promote healthy living through maintaining quality of life and developing new treatments for disease. At the University of Birmingham, we are already tackling cancer, chronic and rare diseases, dementia, trauma and antibiotic resistance.

For more information about office and lab space and to make an enquiry, please contact Bruntwood SciTech.

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Introducing Birmingham Health Innovation Campus – formerly known as Birmingham Life Sciences Park

About BHIC

The uniquely co-located site will utilise the unrivalled healthcare infrastructure of: 

Birmingham Health Partners
 , the Institute of Translational Medicine (ITM) and the BioHub Birmingham, among many other centres of research and practice excellence all within close proximity to BHIC.

It will build on BHP’s integrated clinical-academic vision to deliver research that matters, making BHIC an exciting proposition as part of the evolution of life sciences in not only Birmingham but the wider region and UK.

The campus is being delivered through a long-term collaboration between the University of Birmingham, as landowner, and experienced investor-developers Bruntwood SciTech. It will become the only science park in the region dedicated to health and life sciences, sitting at the heart of a critical cluster of health excellence, led by BHP, creating opportunities for transformative collaborations between businesses, the University and NHS partners.

Businesses located at the site will also benefit from access to Bruntwood SciTech’s specialist business support and partner network, enabling them to grow at pace and scale with access to finance, talent and new markets. 

This will be a pioneering and globally significant location that brings together outstanding researchers, clinicians, policy makers and industry to rapidly translate scientific and clinical insights into patient benefit and economic growth. It will reinforce Birmingham’s global role, supporting innovative new partnerships and leveraging strong existing collaborations. Working with and for our large, diverse regional patient and public communities, it will be unparalleled in its ability to co-create dynamic solutions to some of the biggest challenges in life sciences and healthcare. It will benefit from outstanding clinical data integration and analytics, real world evidence and patient engagement.

To find out more about the extensive and innovative life sciences research happening at Birmingham, visit the life sciences website.

Birmingham Life Sciences Park aerial image with the University on the left, Birmingham Life Sciences Park Development on the right, Birmingham Medical School on the left with Institute of Translational Medicine just below, Queen Elizabeth Hospital on the right and Birmingham Women's Hospital at the bottom along with the BHP logo

BHIC Vision

The Birmingham Health Innovation Campus will align with the broader life sciences expertise and infrastructure across the West Midlands and help establish Birmingham as a leading economic hub for life sciences.

There are already 22,000 people employed in the sector across the region and more than 600 companies working in this area. The development of the park will afford industry greater access to leading research and facilities, investment prospects and the opportunity to develop their own facility spaces. This will give our local enterprises the edge in a competitive sector and promote job creation.

Our vision, along with our partners Bruntwood SciTech,  is to attract the establishment of new SMEs and investment from large pharma and biotechnology firms. This will further enhance the region’s status as an internationally recognised hub for clinical academia. 

BHIC will:

  • Offer precision medicine using personalised approaches to trial design for developing and testing new treatments and technologies.
  • Use integrated data to drive improvements in healthcare through a greater understanding of the causes and potential treatments of disease.
  • Train the workforce of the future to deliver multidisciplinary research and healthcare.

Precision Health Technologies Accelerator


This signature facility will be the focal point of the development, providing up to 6,000sqm of innovation, co-creation and incubation space within our Phase 1 building.

The Precision Health Technologies Accelerator (PHTA) will be dedicated to the rapid development and translation of innovative therapies and technologies from concept to clinical evaluation. By creating new opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs to innovate and grow, and for clinical-academics in the region to commercialise their ideas, it will accelerate our ambition to be a research and innovation leader in health and life sciences. 

The PHTA builds on BHP’s nationally-recognised strengths and will support businesses through access to expertise in: 

  • the development and delivery of complex clinical trials
  • complex diagnostics, multi-omics analysis and heath data
  • device evaluation and testing
  • regulatory science and innovation

The PHTA will provide the early incubation, grow-on space and innovation services for businesses working across biopharma, advanced therapies, diagnostics, digital health and healthcare technologies to accelerate the development and delivery of new drugs, diagnostics and devices into clinic. Its incubation services for early-stage businesses are set to include wet labs, dry labs and office spaces, and prototype development facilities.

Data: connecting the patient context

Delivering safe and secure access to integrated, curated, real-world healthcare data from across and beyond our region, enabling a detailed understanding at patient and population level.

Diagnostics: understanding the disease

Bringing together leading regional genomics and immunodiagnostic research and services to deliver precision medicine, validation of new therapies and development of sophisticated diagnostics.

Healthcare technologies: developing the solutions

Rapidly develop, test and adopt new technologies, providing facilities and expertise to undertake early stage research, product development and validation, through to prototype manufacture and pre-clinical and clinical evaluation.

Clinical trials & implementation: deploying real-world innovation

Recognised leadership in novel clinical trials design and delivery together with leading expertise in patient reported outcomes measures to help partners deliver accelerated trials and demonstrate value.

And, by putting the patient at the heart of all our activity, we will focus on the innovations that address prevalent health burdens in our region’s population – with the ultimate aim of scaling these solutions to the rest of the UK and potentially wider world.

Visit the PHTA website for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be space on the Birmingham Health Innovation Campus for companies to locate?

Yes. The park will be comprised of research and development and service facilities including office spaces, laboratories and co-creation/co-development spaces. Please contact Bruntwood SciTech for more information. 

What are the timelines for the development?

The first phase of the development, No.1 BHIC, is expected to complete in 2024.  Other opportunities are available in the meantime; we are currently developing partnerships and activities in areas such as the design and delivery of clinical trials and genomics sciences. Please contact us if you would like to find out more about these activities and partnering with us.

What are the main benefits of locating on BHIC?

The location of BHIC at the confluence of the University of Birmingham campus, University Hospitals Birmingham and Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trusts will facilitate unrivalled access to the infrastructure of BHP, as well as Bruntwood SciTech’s specialist business support and innovation services.

This will be a pioneering site that brings together outstanding researchers, clinicians, policy makers and industry to rapidly translate scientific and clinical insights into patient benefit and economic growth. It will reinforce Birmingham’s ability to support innovative new partnerships and leverage strong existing collaborations. All these factors make BHIC an exciting proposition as part of the evolution of life sciences in not only Birmingham but the wider region and UK.

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