Goals and objectives

  1. Demonstrate leadership, in thinking and in practice, to make the University of Birmingham a hub for transformative research on sustainability and climate action
  2. Conduct and support world-class, transdisciplinary, high-impact research on climate change and sustainability by creating new platforms to exchange ideas more creatively and in equal partnership cross-University
  3. Co-create new research questions and find solutions by working in partnership with stakeholders (researchers, students, business, policy and decision makers, wider society) at local to global scales
  4. Connect our University community to take full advantage of our major assets and partnerships to support sustainability research
  5. Ensure that our sustainability research, engagement and impact is woven throughout the University’s Strategic Framework – promoting “Sustainability at Heart”
  6. Raise the profile of the sustainability agenda within and beyond the University of Birmingham, convening stakeholder groups to inform action on climate change including influencing policy, practice, future funding landscapes
  7. Provide a new business-facing and advisory service that draws on our expertise to address the Sustainable Development Goals and maximises our external impact and engagement
  8. Provide a gateway collating our research activity for the University community to embed sustainability across our educational delivery, to provide our staff, students and alumni with a knowledge base to shape behaviours and take action on climate change and the Sustainable Development Goals