Postgraduate research: Ottoman studies

Ourania Bessi
A Study of the Ottoman Turkish Monuments in Northern Greece and the Balkans from the 14th to 16th century: The architecture as expression of the community institution in the context of the conquering society
I intend to focus on the early Ottoman architecture, secular and religious in Northern Greece from the fourteenth to the sixteenth century.  It is a collective approach studying the urban network of Ottoman expansion with view to the material culture during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries along the via Egnatia in the nowadays Macedonian and Thracian provinces of Northern Greece.

Hasan Colak
Relations between The Ottoman Administration and the Greek Orthodox Patriarchates of Antioch, Jerusalem, and Alexandria: 16-18th centuries
In my PhD dissertation, I look into different aspects of the relations between the Ottoman administration and the Greek Orthodox Patriarchates of Antioch, Jerusalem, and Alexandria vis-à-vis the Patriarch in Istanbul making a comparative use of sources from different milieus such as official Ottoman, patriarchal Greek, and missionary French and English.

Athanasia Stavrou
The  transition from the late Byzantine to the early Ottoman Empire(c.1350-c.1480): Socio-economic developments as depicted in the case of Thessaloniki
The research I conduct concerns the period extending from c. 1350 to c. 1480. I focus on Late Byzantine Thessaloniki and  treat its transition to the Ottoman polity as an incremental process of social and economic change with particular reference to the notion of the ‘city’.

Fatma Kilic
Creating the new woman at the turn of the 20th century: A comparative study of Ottoman and British’s women magazines
Women magazines should not be evaluated only as feminist publications but also as a forum where the social role of women is determined and intensely debated. Having worked on Ottoman progressive  feminism in the aftermath of the 1908 Revolution in the Ottoman Empire I will be making a comparison between the Ottoman and the British women’s periodicals.

Naci Yorulmaz
Arms Trade in the Ottoman Market: German Style of War Business (1876-1909)
European and American competition in the Ottoman arms market (1876-1909): Specializing in the successful war business of German armament firms in the Ottoman market and the correlation between the arms trade and the political/financial influence of Germany in the Ottoman Empire (1876-1909). (Research is primarily based on the Ottoman-archival documents).