Work and study with us

Lots of graduates wearing mortar boardsOne vision of CEDAM is to engage medical students, junior doctors at all training levels and postgraduate researchers from a variety health care and scientific disciplines with research conducted by the various medical specialties that actually represent CEDAM.

We hold regular events for medical students and junior doctors to provide vision, direction and inspiration for clinical academic medicine at CEDAM. This is facilitated by ‘pitching’ concrete projects to students by various CEDAM specialties, allowing them to gain hands-on experience with translational research.

Through guidance from CEDAM Principal Investigators (PIs) and academic possibilities at CEDAM we aim to foster future leaders in healthcare.

Research opportunities for medical students in CEDAM

We support and work closely with the EndoSoc, the student-run Endocrinology Society at the University of Birmingham. 

This page will be updated with course information as it becomes available so please check back regularly. 

For those interested in pursuing research or academia in one of the CEDAM themes please contact us.