About our Centre

The Centre for Artificial Intelligence in Government (CAIG) is a pioneering research centre at the University of Birmingham. We are housed within the Institute for Interdisciplinary Data Science and Artificial Intelligence and part of the Data Science Initiative in the College of Social Sciences. 

Our mission is to connect social sciences and artificial intelligence, fostering collaboration among researchers while supporting social sciences engagement with AI. We pursue this through integrated programmes of world-leading research, education for new generations of AI-enabled decision-makers, and expert advisory services. 

Our research spearheads high-impact applications of AI in government and policy contexts. We investigate how AI can ethically enhance and automate governance while mitigating risks and biases. Our work spans disciplines from political science to computer science to law, bringing interdisciplinary perspectives to bear. 

CAIG leads the development of new graduate and undergraduate programmes tailored to public sector roles. Our educational initiatives aim to develop data-savvy civil servants and political leaders who can employ AI effectively, ethically, and responsibly. 

Our experts provide policy and technical advice, and other services to partners. CAIG assists governments and companies on AI strategy, implementation, and responsible innovation. 

We actively welcome new collaborations with scholars across the social sciences, computer science, law, philosophy, and more. If you are interested in partnering, please contact us at caig@contacts.bham.ac.uk. Together, we can realise AI's benefits for citizens while fostering ethics, transparency, and humanistic values. 

In all our activities, CAIG aims to equip policymakers to leverage AI strategically in the public interest. We provide the evidence, insights, and training needed to deploy these transformative technologies for the benefit of societies worldwide.

Please explore our website to learn more.