At the Centre for Artificial Intelligence in Government, we are committed to developing the next generation of leaders who can responsibly harness the power of AI to transform governance and public services. 

We are leading the development of new graduate and undergraduate programmes designed to train future experts at the intersection of AI technology and policy. Our programmes will aim to provide students with technical foundations in AI while situating these technologies in government contexts. The curriculum will cover areas like machine learning, data science, governance and policy. Students will gain interdisciplinary skills to drive innovation in the public sector. 

Beyond degree programmes, we are also designing executive courses and bespoke training workshops. These professional development opportunities will enable public sector leaders to build AI expertise and lead digital transformation strategically. 

By combining rigorous technical education with insights on policy and governance, our education initiatives aim to develop a new generation of leaders ready to deploy AI effectively and ethically for the public good. Get in touch to learn more about our upcoming offerings or to discuss customised training.