The Centre for Artificial Intelligence in Government harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and data science methodologies to explore the multifaceted intersections with social sciences, with a particular focus on democracy, health-climate nexus, and linguistic causality.

Our research is defined by its interdisciplinary nature, academic rigor, and commitment to exploring complex societal structures and challenges, aiming to generate tangible insights that influence policy, practice, and understanding. 


Research themes

  • AI for Democracy

    We investigate the role of AI in the democratic process and utilise the tools of data science and AI to research democratic institutions and processes.

  • AI for Global Affairs

    We are creating new datasets and deploying data science and AI tools to answer questions in international relations and global affairs.

  • AI for Government and Policy

    Our research examines strategies and implications of responsibly harnessing AI to transform governance

  • AI for the Health and Climate Change Nexus

    We develop and apply data science and AI methods to track politics and governance of health effects of climate change.