Cyber security awareness

Illustration of a padlock in front of a circuit board to represent cyber security

October is European Cyber Security Month. Our cyber security experts are marking the occasion by sharing their expertise for securing your digital world. Learn how our pioneering research is helping to protect people's security and privacy.

How safe are our everyday devices?
What are the major cyber security challenges we face today?
Improving vehicle security
Mark Ryan

Mark Ryan

Professor of Cyber Security

“Cyber security is always facing new issues, because technology never stops advancing.”

Is your smartphone a traitor?
Top tips for staying safe online
Dr David Oswald

Dr David Oswald

Lecturer in Computer Security

“For internet of things devices that you may have in your home, a very important thing is to look out for devices that actually keep on getting updated and are maintained by the vendor.”

Which everyday devices are susceptible to hackers?
Your car may not be totally in your control
Dr Tom Chothia

Dr Tom Chothia

Senior Lecturer in Cyber Security

“A big new threat is the huge number of devices we have, all of which have our personal data on them.”

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