Brain Awareness Week 2023 #UoBBAW

Garden Studio, Main Foyer, Midlands Arts Centre
Saturday 18 March 2023 (09:30-17:00)
BRAIN Awareness week 300x300

Brain Awareness Week is upon us again! This year, our researchers will be present at the Midlands Arts Centre (MAC) on Saturday 18th March to engage with the public through a variety of 'brainy' activities, crafts and conversations! Take a look below to find out more on what will be on offer. The event is free to attend, thanks to funding from the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies

Rubber Hand Illusion

Led by researchers from the University of Birmingham's Centre for Human Brain Health.

Volunteer your hand to one of our researchers and experience the magic of the mind with the rubber hand illusion! This fascinating experiment will show you how your brain can be easily fooled and how our senses work together to create our perception of reality.

Medical neuroscience: Neurodegeneration, brain trauma, tumours and trials

Led by researchers from the University of Birmingham's Medical School, Neuroscience, Trauma and Ophthalmology.

 Unlock the secrets of the brain with neuroscientists, neurosurgeons, clinicians, clinical trialists, and allied health professionals from the University of Birmingham and University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trusts. Learn about the basic building blocks of the brain, how circuits are formed to control brain functions including memory and emotions, and discover how medical science is tackling brain diseases including brain tumours, dementia and concussion. Our experts will be available to answer your neuro questions, and offer insights into neuroscience research, neurosurgery, brain-related medicines and trials. In addition, our students will be on hand to help school children learn about the STEM-related degree courses available at the University of Birmingham.  

‘Brainiversity Challenge’

Led by researchers from the University of Birmingham's Centre for Human Brain Health.

Brainiversity Challenge is a set of games and activities with a brain-theme, i.e., each activity will be linked to a particular part of the brain or a famous idea/method from psychology/neuroscience research. This will include:

  • Animal Brain Matching Game  (Match the animal to its brain)
  • ‘Guess the Fruit’ from the MRI scan image (Guess which fruit or vegetable has had an MRI scan?)
  • ‘True or False?’ Brain Facts Challenge
  • Guesstimate Challenge
  • Logic puzzles, riddles, games, and optical illusions

Looking into the brain of a fly to understand our own

Led by researchers from the University of Birmingham's Alicia Hidalgo Lab with Birmingham Drosophila Labs, School of Biosciences. 

Come and discover with us the amazing brain of the fruit-fly Drosophila and why and how it is pushing research boundaries. We are scientists from the University of Birmingham using the fruit-fly to understand how the brain is formed, how it changes throughout life, how it works, how it enables us to make our daily life decisions, as well as what happens in brain disease and how we can learn to promote regeneration and repair. There will be displays demonstrating how we use fruit-fly genetics to address those questions, investigate cell biology and neural circuits in the brain. We'll show how fruit-flies enable us to link genes, neural circuits, brain health, disease and behaviour. We will show you a large fly and fly brain that will open your eyes to genetics and how the brain is built. We will teach you how to make your own fly brain! Come to talk to scientists and ask any questions you may be curious about!

Brain-Boosting Crafts for Kids!

Led by researchers from the University of Birmingham's Centre for Human Brain Health.

From creating clay 3D models of the brain to decorating brain hats, there will be a variety of brain-related crafts on offer that kids can enjoy while learning about the different parts and functions of the brain. These activities not only stimulate their imagination and creativity, but also foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 

Volunteer your brain and earn cash, vouchers or freebies!

Led by researchers from the University of Birmingham's Centre for Human Brain Health.

Ever wondered what your brain looks like on an MRI scan? Want to help us solve the mysteries of the brain? Chat to our friendly researchers about the types of brain studies that take place at the Centre for Human Brain Health and perhaps even sign-up to participate in some! Your participation in our studies will not only advance the fields of psychology and neuroscience, but also provide you with a unique and hands-on learning experience. The best part? You may even be eligible to earn cash, vouchers and freebies simply by volunteering your time ...and your brain!
If you're already eager to sign-up and can't wait until our event for Brain Awareness Week, you can find out more and sign-up here!