Events at the Centre for Neurogenetics


Biosciences School and Birmingham Centre for Neurogenetics Seminar

Title: Of glia and macrophages, signaling hubs in development and homeostasis
Date: Thursday 21 March 2024 13:00
Location: Biosciences 301
Speaker: Angela Giangrande – Institute of Genetics and Molecular and Cellular Biology, CNRS
Host: Alicia Hidalgo and Xiaocui Wang


Annual Symposium

The annual symposium of the Birmingham Centre for Neurogenetics will take place next 5 July 2024.

More details to follow soon.


Neurofly 2024 | 20th Biennial European Drosophila Neurobiology Conference

More information about Neurofly 2024


Brain Awareness Week 2024

Took place at The MAC on Saturday 16 March, and neurogenetics labs from across campus, including from School of Psychology (LES), School of Biosciences (LES) and School of Inflammation and Ageing (MDS) took part.