About us

CENTRE-UB behavioural research innovation and excellence is focussed around understanding behaviour

The mission of CENTRE-UB is:

  1. To produce the next generation of well-rounded researchers with expertise in behavioural research who are ready to take up leadership-track positions in academia, industry, policy and wider professional communities;
  2. To promote a positive research culture and a commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) through specific training and good practice. Engagement with stakeholders, experts-by-experience and the public is embedded throughout.
  3. To deliver training and knowledge exchange that brings cutting edge, actionable insights to policymakers, industry and charitable sectors, leading to impact in communities beyond Higher Education. 

CENTRE-UB will provide a training environment characterised by excellent science, cutting edge methods, interdisciplinarity, and translation through our critical mass of world-leading and internationally excellent research conducted by our behavioural researchers. Co-production of human behaviour-related research and impact, as well as co-delivery of training, is a key part of CENTRE-UB with partners organisations hosting PhD students for research-in-practice placements, hosting fellows and acting as co-supervisors or mentors of all trainees. Partner organisations will also provide training to CENTRE-UB to PhD students and postdoctoral research fellows and will host outreach events with a focus on human behaviour. 

We are delighted to announce the 2024 call for applicants for CENTRE-UB PhD studentships.  

Our call for applications for the early career research fellowships will be announced here soon.