This page lists seminars, conferences and other events involving or of interest to CeSMA members, postgraduates and the wider public. 

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Forthcoming events

There are currently no forthcoming events being advertised. Please check back soon.

Previous events


  • 6th December - Self, Personhood, Ego-history: roundtable
  • 6th December - Self, Personhood and Ego-history
  • 28th November - Women's Literary Culture before the Conquest
  • 22nd November - Medieval Maps and their Literature
  • 21st November - Place and Planet in Medieval Literature
  • 15th November - Postgraduate showcase
  • 1st November - "The Online Piracy Act will take us back to the Dark Ages": Politics, Medievalism and Online Participatory Culture
  • 19th October - Repackaging Genghis Khan: Legitimacy and History in Chinese-Language Histories under the Mongol Empire
  • 17th October - Guy Geltner, 'More Facts and Less Mudslinging': PG Workshop in Pre-Modern Public Health
  • 16th October - Pro salute hominum conservanda: Urban Infrastructure and Biopolitics in Later Medieval Italy
  • 4th October - Here there be spiders: arachnophobia in early medieval texts
  • 30th June - The Late Medieval and Early Modern Reformation Church
  • 29th April - Midlands Viking Symposium 2017
  • 25th-27th March - Global Byzantium
  • 22nd March - Relics and the Insular World, c.600-800, CeSMA Annual Lecture, Speaker: Professor Julia Smith (University of Glasgow)
  • 21st March - The Illuminators of the Middle English Poetic Tradition
  • 7th March - The Normans in Southern Italy: What the Salerno Ivories Tell Us
  • 21st February - Strategies of Parochial Management in Late Medieval England: Three Cambridgeshire Contrasts
  • 7th February - Bilingual Manuscripts from the Silk Road


  • 6th December - Lay Vernacular Literacy in the Court of Edward the Confessor: Anglo-Saxon Chronicle 'C' and the Vision of Leofric
  • 22nd November - Paper in the Medieval Literary Imagination
  • 8th November - Towards a Historical Materialist Critique of Ethnicity: Armenianness between the Caucasus and Medieval New Rome
  • 25th October - Centre for the Study of the Middle Ages Seminar
  • 11th October - "All that Glitters" : Gender, value and exchange in Anglo-Saxon England
  • 22nd March - Looking for Jesus: Evidence for the Cult of the Holy Name in Late Medieval English Religious Manuscripts
  • 8th March - Paper in the Medieval Literary Imagination
  • 1st March - Deconstructing 'dynasty': lineage and ethnicity in the golden horde and central Europe
  • 23rd February - Roger II of Sicily: King of Capua. Rethinking the Creation of the Norman Kingdom of Sicily
  • 9th February - Tibetan identity, Buddhism and the Bonpos
  • 9th February - The Minimalisation of Christianity under Early Islamic Rule
  • 3rd February - The emergency episteme of the 'tribe' in Afghanistan, 1850-2015
  • 27th January - ISIS and the use and abuse of Early Islamic History


  • 10th November - CESMA Birmingham Postgraduates Panel
  • 31st October - Death and the Afterlife in the Middle Ages
  • 14th October - Lay Vernacular Piety in the Court of Edward the Confessor: Anglo–Saxon Chronicle C and the Vision of Leofric
  • 14th October - Ecocritical Approaches in Medieval Studies: The Forest as a Symbolic Space
  • 24th March - Expanding the oeuvre and patronage of Ricardus Franciscus: the case of British Library MS Arundel 249
  • 10th March - Centre for the Study of the Middle Ages postgraduate session
  • 24th February - Theme: the Estoria de Espanna Project
  • 5th February - Living by the coast: economy, people and identity in a fourteenth-century coastal community
  • 27th January - Family and faith: sensory experience and devotional memory in the Hours of Mary of Burgundy


  • 9th December - 'And he shall stand there all day with a rod': peasant farmers and their farm workers in thirteenth-century England
  • 25th November - Centre for the Study of the Middle Ages Seminar
  • 11th November - The Simeon Manuscript and its Scribes
  • 28th October - Centre for the Study of the Middle Ages Annual Public Lecture - ‘Geoffrey of Monmouth and J. R. R. Tolkien: myth-making and national identity in the twelfth and twentieth centuries’, Carl Phelpstead (Cardiff)
  • 7th-10th October - Marrying texts with material culture: The Balkh Art and Cultural Heritage Project
  • 26th April - Midlands Viking Symposium
  • 20th March - What do we know about the Vikings now?


  • 9th December - Beauty and the eye of the beholder: Jewish caricature and Christian devotions in the later twelfth century
  • 2nd December - annual lecture: Dante and the Performative
  • 25th November - Heresy, orthodoxy and the Codex Amiatinus Christ in Majesty
  • 18th November - The Fourteenth Century in Zooarchaeological Perspective
  • 23rd-24th May - Birth, sex and death: rites of passage in the medieval and early modern world


  • 14th May - CeSMA Annual Public Lecture “Reinventing the Middle Ages”  - Professor Dame Janet L. Nelson (King’s College, London)