The Financial Inclusion Monitor Blog Series

The 2023 CHASM Financial Inclusion Monitor Blog series provides perspectives from experts in the field of financial inclusion, highlighting the implications of the current situation for all kinds of people, but especially the most vulnerable. Perspectives throughout the series consider successful interventions that support financial inclusion and potential policy solutions.

It responds to the recently released the 10th annual monitoring report on Financial Inclusion  co-authored by Karen Rowlingson, University of York; Steve McKay, University of Lincoln; and Adele Atkinson, University of Birmingham and supported by Friends Provident Foundation and Barrow Cadbury Trust. The report looks at recent data, summarises trends and highlights the findings of a newly commissioned survey undertaken by Ipsos.
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Perspective 1: Rajiv Prabhakar argues that how we define financial inclusion shapes how this concept may adapt to current challenges. 

Dr Rajiv Prabhakar, The Open University

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Perspective 2: Fair by design: Ending the extra costs of being poor

Martin Coppack, Fair by Design 

Perspective 3: Money Advice Trust :“Moving the dial forward” on financial inclusion

Joanna Elson, CBE, Chief Executive of the Money Advice Trust 

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Perspective 4: Communication and data integration in the Government of Indonesia’s Financial Inclusion Policy

Dr. S Sumiyana and Asiyatul Mahfudloh, Faculty of Economics and Business, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia

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Perspective 5: Sidecar saving: helping workers save for today and tomorrow

Jo Phillips and Emma Stockdale, Nest Insight

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Perspective 6: Financial Inclusion for those who have come to the UK seeking refuge 

Michelle Highman, Chief Executive, The Money Charity

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