Briefing papers

The Centre on Household Assets and Savings Management have produced a range of publications, briefing papers and e-Bulletins.

#Buildbackbetter for personal financial wellbeing:
insights into policy development priorities for a post Covid-19 environment

CHASM BP6-2020 [PDF]
Coping with Contactless: Covid-19 and cash

Dr Rajiv Pabhakar, Senior Lecturer in Personal Finance, The Open University 

CHASM BP5-2020 [PDF]
What are the likely effects of the crisis on charitable donations?

Kimberly Scharf, Professor of Economics, University of Birmingham and Susan Pinkey, Head of Research, Charities Aid Foundation

CHASM BP4-2020 [PDF]
After the Coronavirus Pandemic: the home as a workplace and the new housing market

John Doling, Emeritus Professor, University of Birmingham and Rowan Arundel, Assistant Professor, University of Amsterdam

CHASM BP3-2020 [PDF]
Extended Briefing Paper: Enhancing Working Age People’s Financial Resilience: Reforming Statutory Sick Pay

Dr Margaret May, CHASM Honorary Research Fellow, University of Birmingham 

CHASM BP2-2020 [PDF]
Ethical Approaches to Using Behavioural Insights in Government

Dr Jessica Pykett, Senior Lecturer in Human Geography, University of Birmingham

CHASM BP1-2020 [PDF]
Poverty, Household Debt and COVID-19
Karen Rowlingson, Professor of Social Policy, University of Birmingham

Briefing papers 2018

CHASM BP7-2018 [PDF]
Nudging taxpayer behaviour
Professor Andy Lymer, Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham.

CHASM BP6/2018 [PDF]
The Digitisation of Money and Banking – where next for UK personal banking?
Professor Andy Mullineux, Birmingham Business School, The University of Birmingham

CHASM BP5/2018 [PDF]
Financial Inclusion: an agenda for future research
Dr Rajiv Prabhakar, The Open University

CHASM BP4/2018 [PDF]
How do older people make decisions about their retirement income and assets? – a review of the literature
Olivia Dyke, CHASM Intern

CHASM BP3/2018 [PDF]
Reviewing research into Wealth Inequality in the UK: A Systematic Review
Olivia Underhill, CHASM Intern

CHASM BP2/2018 [PDF]
Financial Education in Schoolsi : Key Findings
Dr Fatima S. Syed, CHASM Associate

CHASM BP1/2018 [PDF]
A Pan-European Personal Pension (PEPP)
Paul Cox, Senior Lecturer in Finance, Department of Accounting, Birmingham Business School

Briefing papers 2017

CHASM BP11-2017 [PDF]
The age factor – tax problems experienced by older people
Professor Jane Frecknall-Hughes, The Open University and Professor Andy Lymer, Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham.

CHASM BP10-2017 [PDF]
The Evidence: what psychologists say about tax compliance
Dr Diana Onu, University of Exeter and Professor Andy Lymer, Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham.

CHASM BP9-2017 [PDF]
Making Work Pay: UK Workplace Financial Wellbeing Services
Edward Brunsdon and Margaret May, CHASM Associates.

CHASM BP8-2017 [PDF]
Towards a Financially Inclusive Society in the UK: What Needs to be Done?
Professor Karen Rowlingson, Professor of Social Policy and Deputy Director of CHASM at the University of Birmingham

CHASM BP7-2017 [PDF]
Delay and Pray?
Dr Stuart Stamp, Independent Social Researcher & Research Associate, Department of Applied Social Studies, Maynooth University, Ireland (and CHASM Associate)
Paul Joyce BCL, BL, Senior Policy Analyst, Free Legal Advice Centres, Dublin, Ireland

CHASM BP6-2017 [PDF]
The future role of housing equity as retirement finance
Dr Louise Overton, CHASM, University of Birmingham

CHASM BP5-2017 [PDF]
Responsible lending: lessons from Australia
Gerard Brody, Chief Executive Officer, Consumer Action Law Centre, Australia

CHASM BP4-2017 [PDF]
What makes people save? A comparison of the UK's Housing ISA and Oregon's IDA
Magdalena Nowakowska and James Gregory, CHASM, University of Birmingham

CHASM BP3-2017 [PDF]
Financial exclusion in the UK: Will the House of Lords' Select Committee recommendations solve this problem?
Karen Rowlingson, CHASM, University of Birmingham

CHASM BP2-2017 [PDF]
Is it time for a more inclusive savings policy agenda in the UK?
James Gregory, Andy Lymer and Karen Rowlingson, CHASM, University of Birmingham

CHASM BP1-2017 [PDF]
An alternative to payday: Are Credit Unions the answer?
Dr Lindsey Appleyard, Coventry University

Briefing papers 2016

CHASM BP 9-2016 [PDF]
Starting young: the importance of encouraging a savings habit among young people
Steve Stillwell, External Associate of CHASM

CHASM BP 8-2016 [PDF]
Is the defence of asset-based welfare a defence of house prices?
Dr Rajiv Prabhakar, The Open University and CHASM Associate, University of Birmingham

CHASM BP 7-2016 [PDF]
W(h)ither salary sacrifice?
Edward Brunsdon and Margaret May, Honorary Research Fellows, University of Birmingham

CHASM BP 6-2016 [PDF]
Comment on FCA Occasional Paper 17: Access to Financial Services in the UK
John Moss, External Associate Member, CHASM, University of Birmingham

CHASM BP 5-2016 [PDF]
How does the HMRC affect the financial hardship of claimants? A critical discourse analysis of power asymmetries in the UK tax credits system
Sara Closs-Davies, Lecturer in Accounting & Teaching Fellow, Dr. Koen Bartels, Lecturer in Management Studies, and Dr Doris Merkl-Davies, Reader in Accounting, at Bangor University

CHASM BP 4-2016 [PDF]
Beyond the binary of financial in/exclusion: Towards a spectrum of unsecured credit
Lindsey Appleyard, Karen Rowlingson and Jodi Gardner

CHASM BP 3-2016 [PDF]
Great Expectations: how realistic are political hopes for charity in a time of austerity?
Dr Beth Breeze and Professor John Mohan

CHASM BP 2-2016 [PDF]
It's just not simple. Why is tax so complicated?
Chris Evans

CHASM BP 1-2016 [PDF]
Benefit delivery and underpayment
Jodi Gardner and Karen Rowlingson

Briefing papers 2015

CHASM BP13-2015 [PDF]
Public attitudes to tax – Who cares?
Professor Andy Lymer, Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham.

CHASM BP 12-2015 [PDF]
Becoming independent: the importance of housing for young people
Lee Gregory

CHASM BP 11-2015 [PDF]
The revival of private landlordism in the UK and the mobilisation of housing wealth
Richard Ronald

CHASM BP 10-2015 [PDF]
Is UK Banking
Andy Mullineux

CHASM BP 9-2015 [PDF]
Credit Unions in the UK: Balancing social benefit with economic
Zhulieta Dobcheva

CHASM BP 8-2015 [PDF]
Responsible Banking Ordinances for the UK: Making banking competition a 'race to the top'
Carl Packman

CHASM BP 7-2015 [PDF]
Who bears responsibility for the financial crisis?
James Dempsey

CHASM BP 6-2015 [PDF]
Is there (still) a problem with payday lending?
Karen Rowlingson, Lindsey Appleyard, Jodi Gardner

CHASM BP 5-2015 [PDF]
Financial Inclusion: Review of the 2015 General Election party manifestos
Ricky Joseph

CHASM BP 4-2015 [PDF]
Financial Inclusion: Review of Coalition Government Policies 2010-2015
Lindsey Appleyard

CHASM BP 3-2015 [PDF]
Tax Behaviour: A review of existing research
by Ekta Bhayani

CHASM BP 2-2015 [PDF]
SMART pensions in the UK: salary sacrifice and
by Margaret May

CHASM BP 1-2015 [PDF]
New survey research on public attitudes to wealth taxes
by Karen Rowlingson, Andy Lymer and Rajiv Prabhakar