Previous events in the Housing and Communities Research Network

Seminar Series 5 (2017-2018)

Themes on the need for innovation to make private rented housing a more acceptable housing option and ‘Hope for Housing – the rebirth of Community-Led Housing’ will form the basis for events in the 2017-2018 seminar series.

Seminar Series 4 (2016-2017)

6 June 2016 - The Future of Social Housing. Download copies of presentations from each of the presentations from this joint event with housing&Care21 

30 November 2016The re-emergency of community-led housing in the UK: A unified response to market dysfunction - Paul Chatterton

3 October 2016 - Networks and Fault Lines: The role of housing associations in supporting vulnerable places and people; a way forward in the 'Participation Society'? - Dr Gerard van Bortel 

Seminar Series 3 (2015-2016)

Seminar 6: 7 March 2016
Making life worth living - Nick Hedges and the Shelter Photographs 1968-1972 - Presentation by Nick Crawson

Seminar 5: 8 February 2016
Financing affordable housing under localism - Presentation by Anita Blessing

Seminar 4: 18 January 2016
Learning from informality: Community-led housing in a global context - Presentation by Line Algoed

Seminar 3: 7 December 2015
Coping with cuts: the impact on private tenants of reductions in housing benefit - Presentation by Peter Kemp

Seminar 2: 16 November 2015
Unpacking the growth of the private rented sector in Birmingham - a niche analysis - Presentation by Ben Pattison

Seminar 1: 5 October 2015
Growing old together - Presentation by Jon Stevens

Seminar Series 2 (2014-2015)


Seminar 6: 22 June 2015
Researching community land trusts in Australia: Balancing academia and activism - Presentation by Dr Louise Crabtree
(This event was cancelled)

Seminar 5: 19 May 2015
Hidden assumptions and broken promises? Decoding housing policy discourse - Presentation by James Gregory

Seminar 4: 23 March 2015
Community-led refurbishments of empty homes - the importance of partners - Presentations by David Mullins and Halima Sacranie

Seminar 3: 12 January 2015
Renewing Europe's Housing - Presentation by Chris Watson and Richard Turkington

Seminar 2: 17 November 2014
Decision making in large, non-profit housing organisations in the Netherlands and England - Presentation by Darinka Czischke

Seminar 1: September 2014
Community Land Trusts in US and UK - Presentation by Stephen Hill