Housing and communities research network

Housing and Communities has long been a key area of interest of research and teaching at the University of Birmingham, both in the School of Social Policy, and building on the 40 year tradition of housing research in the Centre for Urban and Regional Studies.

Housing and Communities are central to the research agendas of the Centre on Household Assets and Savings Management (CHASM), the Third Sector Research Centre (TSRC) and the Public Management Academy. Interest in housing and communities is also a key theme for Geography and Earth Sciences, History, Local Government Studies, Law and Public Health departments to name but a few.

The aim of this research network are to:

  • Improve links and build an active research community
  • Improve awareness of interests of researchers on housing and communities across the University and partners in the West Midlands
  • Provide a stimulus for new research partnerships, collaborative writing and joint funding proposals

Our research network provides a unique opportunity for professionals and policy makers in the housing and communities sector to meet with students and staff of the University to discuss research based presentations.