Thea Raisbeck, Honorary Research Associate

Thea Raisbeck is an Honorary Research Associate at the University of Birmingham and an Associate of Spring Housing. She has worked in the housing, homelessness and domestic abuse sectors for over ten years and combines academic and frontline practice with campaigning and advocacy work.

Thea holds a first class BA in English Language and Literature and an MA in Social Policy (distinction), both from the University of Birmingham, alongside numerous professional and practice-based qualifications.

Thea has a strong interest in issues surrounding homelessness, social housing, the private rented sector, violence against women and girls, and refugee and migrant rights. As an experienced practitioner, Thea appreciates the unique value and insight those ‘on the ground’ can bring to social research, evaluation and the creation or improvement of policy. She is committed to promoting and enhancing the contribution of those not traditionally seen as ‘change-makers’; the practitioners who enact, and the individuals who are subject to, social policy and practice.

Thea is currently leading on a collaborative research and best practice project, Minimising Risk and Enabling Choice in Supported 'Exempt' Accommodation, commissioned by Birmingham Safeguarding Adults Board, and has a particular interest in the management of houses in multiple occupation and the impact of shared living on the wellbeing, safety and rights of vulnerable groups.