Housing Association and Saving Gateway (2011)

After the Saving Gateway: How can social tenants be helped to save?

The Saving Gateway aimed to help people on low incomes to save but the scheme was abandoned in July 2011 despite extensive piloting which showed that it had been successful. Many of the target group for the Saving Gateway were social housing tenants who are disproportionately affected by financial exclusion, making up 60% of all financially excluded people in England and Wales according to the Chartered Institute of Housing (2009).  The demise of the Savings Gateway has scuppered many of the social housing sector's plans in this field but some are forging ahead despite this setback.  Affinity Sutton, for example, is piloting its own version of the Saving Gateway in selected areas.  We have carried out an initial review of this scheme and are planning further work in this field to consider the potential role of the social housing sector to help social tenants to save.

Further information

Karen Rowlingson
Director of CHASM

Date: 2011
Researchers: Ricky Joseph and Karen Rowlingson
Sponsored by: Affinity Sutton Housing Association